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Lord Dominator (simply known as Dominator) is the main antagonist of the second season of Wander. Okay this is amazing, I haven't been able to keep up with the new series of this show but I love the show too. The Lord Dominator saga is a story arc of Wander Over Yonder, consisting of four-part minute.

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Black with light brilliant crimson sclera Hair: Also, Hater and Wander finally get the hint she's nothing like what they expected, and in a failed attempt to get rid of her for good, she obtains ice powers alongside her lava powers. Sign In Don't have an account? However, this should never be mistaken for anything less than evil and cruel. As of " The End of the Galaxy ", Wander remained persistent and once more tried to reason with Dominator, only for Dominator to repeatedly refuse his offer of friendship and hold him captive.

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This likely indicates that she is worse and far more evil than Hater himself. When going into battle, her helmet's retractable, skull-like mask covers her face and her power suit transforms into a giant, brawny suit of mech armor that covers her from head-to-toe like a cloak. What a bunch of dorks! Appearance in Season 1 finale credits. As of " The End of the Galaxy ," she has become proficient in its use, shown when she created an ice sculpture decoy of Sylvia before immobilizing Wander in ice. She takes a preference to Bot 13 , since it actually did his job locating planets with Volcanium X. She made her full appearance in the Season 2 premiere, The Greater Hater as the main antagonist of the episode and the whole season.

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